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Joel Pominville has served many roles in the field of architecture. His love of New Orleans’ local culture and community, as well as his incredible involvement in the architectural industry has helped to bring his organization’s meetings home.

Q How has AIA New Orleans been able to make an impact with the National Office?
A Formed in 1909 as the thirteenth chapter of AIA, AIA New Orleans has a long and storied history in our community and nationally. Locally, our component helped form the Vieux Carre Commission and Louisiana State licensing laws for architects, helped preserve Gallier Hall, and convinced Tulane to maintain their architecture program. Nationally, we have hosted six AIA Annual Conventions, were honored by the National President for our work after Katrina and have won several awards of component excellence.
Q Would you please share with us the work that you've been doing to bring the 2021 or 2024 annual meeting of the American Institute of Architects to New Orleans?

For AIA Components and members, it's important we connect groups in other industries with our membership. For this proposal, we needed to craft a telling story of the architectural significance of the city, which is quite easy in New Orleans, and get the right people to show their support for bringing architects to the city to celebrate this community. We received great support from local architects and city leaders.

Q We know there are multiple organizations representing architectural practice and education, tell us about your involvement with these national organizations.
A I have been honored to serve in some national role in all five architecture organizations. I have served as a Regional Director and then National Vice President of the American Institute of Architecture Students, Student Director on the National Board of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, on the AIA National Associates Committee, on the Internship Advisory Committee for the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and on two international Architecture School Accreditation visits for the National Architecture Accrediting Board.
Q What are some reasons that you think New Orleans is a great place to hold meetings?
A New Orleans has incredible infrastructure for hosting meetings of all scales. I'm continuously surprised about the sheer number of events happening any given week. The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau provides incredible resources for outside groups to connect with larger venues, as well as smaller venues like our Center for Architecture and Design!
Q What do you like most about the city of New Orleans?
A Hands down: the culture and people of New Orleans. I have lived in eight states and eleven cities, and never have I seen a community so thick with culture. It's a truly diverse city, and although we have a long way to go to reach an equitable New Orleans, there is a strong sense of togetherness, and I am so thankful to be a small part of that story.