Dear Team CVB, 

Welcome to your first issue of "In The Kneaux,"  a newsletter by you for you!  A heartfelt thank you to the entire committee for the passion, energy and creativity...and a special shout out to Lorraine and Tara for their wonderful leadership as co-chairs! 

Last year was a big year of changes, incredible initiatives, stellar achievement of goals and the list goes on and on...this year has already launched with success with redeployment of our sales team to achieve even more success for our amazing city, a new assessment to help us continue to market our message even further, new client opportunities, a successful outreach mission to the Philippines and a recently well attended Mardi Gras season (and we are just starting!)

Enjoy the content of this newsletter and please give us your feedback so we can further enhance future publications!

That's All.
(Had to throw in a Miranda reference!)

Brad Weaber
Executive Vice President

Brad Weaber and Tory McPhail Brad and Tory McPhail, Exectuive Chef at Commander's
Palace at Destination Showcase Foundation Dinner in
Washington, DC in February 2014.