One year ago, Hippie Kitchen debuted a new love-inspired, lifestyle dining experience at its home on Jefferson Highway. The experienced chefs created a restaurant that integrates seasonal, organic, farm-to-table dishes with community engagement to offer a local gathering space. Hippie Kitchen was able to host donation-based yoga classes, holiday events, and local citrus drives steered to feed the less fortunate in the community.

Guests are treated to a delicious menu that features a full bar serving premium local alcohol, breakfast, lunch, dinner seven days a week. Hippie Kitchen has an uplifting coffee and tea selection, which pairs nicely with their quick bites—Chocolate Croissants, Double Chocolate Walnut Cookies, and a daily selection of freshly baked goods. Cold Pressed Juices and Turmeric Tonic will kick your day off to a refreshing start.

"Our commitment comes from a desire to feed the community good food that will lift you up," stated Harveen Khera, Hippie Kitchen’s founder. "As chefs, we have created an environment of excellence where our guests enjoy seasonal, organic ingredients, made from scratch in an incredible space."

Khera is a 30-year service industry pioneer specializing in the creation and growth of innovative food and beverage service businesses with successes including the launches of the Tunnel Top at Union Square, Tallula in San Francisco's Castro district, John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom Room in the Fillmore, Delfina and Foreign Cinema in the Mission, and Salt House among others. Most recently, Khera developed the first successful farm-to-table food and beverage model utilized by Tulane University.

Co-founder Wayne Greiner, native New Orleanian, began his culinary career under Emeril Lagasse at Commander’s Palace. His passion brought him to San Francisco where he worked with Chefs Wolfgang Puck at Postrio, Joyce Goldstein at Square One, Nancy Oakes at Boulevard, and Michel Richard. Next came New York City at Le Bernardin with Gilbert Le Coze, followed by Lucas Carton in Paris. His love for New Orleans and the flavors it holds brought him back home.

Chef Charlotte Morton has led the kitchen team since Hippie Kitchen opened its doors in 2018. A New Orleans native, Morton has worked in many notable New York City restaurants including Jeremy Marshall’s Aquagrill, Julian Alonzon’s Brasserie 8 ½, Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro, Shaun Hergatt’s Michelin-starred Juni, and Top Chef Masters Winner Floyd Cardoz‘s Tabla. She served as sous chef at New York City’s Rouge Tomate under chef Jeremy Bearman, where the emphasis on healthy yet flavorsome and satisfying food brought the restaurant a rare Michelin star. Charlotte’s diverse culinary experiences with Caribbean, French, Indian, and Louisiana techniques, ingredients, flavors, and spices, influences her cooking and outlook.

Hippie Kitchen’s chief mentor, James “Jimmy” Coleman, Jr. has been instrumental in building an outstanding team. Serving as the Honorary Consul for Great Britain from Louisiana since 1975, Jimmy is proud to be a part of the reshaping of his childhood neighborhood. Minnie Coleman brings her love for seasonal produce fresh from her farm, inspired by her New England roots. Rumor has it, she can even hypnotize a lobster. Hippie Kitchen is currently working on their new event space, lovingly named “Jimmy’s Club” in memory of their chief mentor and dear friend, Jimmy Coleman.

Dinner offerings feature a hearty selection of game, fish, and poultry from our local parishes. Veggies boast the season’s peak in our heart-warming Gnocchi. Local beers on tap, wine on tap and by the bottle, and house-made sangria will pair well with the seasonal dinner entrées. Cocktails are prepared with garden fresh ingredients— the Hibiscus Cosmo is out of this world.

Hippie Kitchen’s catering team is run seamlessly by Amanda Carpiniello, who has worked with Harveen and Wayne since 2014. Amanda brings her passion for serving the community delicious food and menu planning balanced with friendly hospitality. Hippie Kitchen just completed its second local citrus drive, turning collected produce into Marmalade, Limoncello, and Satsuma Cardamom Bread and making meals for those in need in return.

Hippie Kitchen is located in the heart of Old Jefferson, at 3741 Jefferson Highway, between Causeway and Central. For more information, please visit the Hippie Kitchen online at

Amanda Carpiniello