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Among New Orleans' traditions, none is better known or more frequently misunderstood than Carnival (aka Mardi Gras), and it is the first of seven rituals annually practiced at the spiritually-driven and art-focused boutique-hotel, International House. To many, it means purple, green and gold blinking beads and kegs of beer. But International House celebrates with far greater richness to tell a much fuller story - depicting the original style and customs of a time past. The lobby is transformed with 21 brilliant reproductions from Carlotta Bonnecaze's DUMB SOCIETY, circa 1896, which celebrates her larger than life fantasy through watercolor paintings of costume and design. Carlotta was the first woman, and Creole, to design carnival costumes and floats for Mardi Gras, in the late 1800s.

Above the entrance at Loa bar, characters from her "Five O'Clock Tea" watercolors are on display, and are the inspiration behind Loa's enchanted tea party. The late afternoon fête is theatrically served during Carnival, from February 15 - 27, 2017, 5:00-6:00pm each day, complete with masks and complimentary cocktail-infused tea. "Spirit Handler" Alan Walter's tea is inspired and poured to the pageantry and wit of Bonnecaze's watercolors, and is composed of Local Meyer Lemon and Satsuma Cello, Lemongrass Vodka, Caramelized Pandon Leaf Syrup, Fruit Liqueurs, and Fresh Herbs.

It's Alice in Wonderland meets Tim Burton - clad with a victorian Jackass that serves guests tea from a bronze kettle.

International House | 221 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130 | | @ihhotel