Brad Weaber, Executive Vice President
Brad Weaber has flown on over 2,200 flights. If you add up all of the nights he has stayed in hotels over his career it would equal eleven years! 

Brian Walker, Director of Information Technology
Part of Brian's job is process improvement.  So the next time you are pulling your hair out thinking "There has to be an easier way!" Chances are there is. Brian suggests working with IT to possibly automate the steps.

Christine DeCuir, Media Relations Coordinator
Christine loves to go on wine tasting adventures.

Helen Mesfin, Convention Sales Manager
Helen's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  She and her husband host 85 friends and family members for dinner- they call it Thanksgiving with a Twist.  Before dessert they serve Kitfo- Ethiopian steak tartar made with spiced clarified butter, mitmita (spicy powdered seasoning containing African bird's eye chili peppers, cardamom seeds, cloves, salt and a touch of ground cardamom).  The highlight of the evening is each guest sharing one thing they are grateful for that year. 

Jessica LaChute, Manager, Membership Services
Jessica holds a Masters of Criminal Justice from Loyola University New Orleans. 

Laura Russett, Director of Administration
Yes, Laura really named her one and only child (a daughter, no less), "McAllister," after 6'1", 231 lb. NFL running back, Deuce McAllister.  Her daughter affectionately calls him "Uncle
Deuce" and coincidentally (really, it was coincidence), she was born on the 26th, Deuce's jersey number for his entire career in the NFL.

Lisa St. Cyre, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor
Lisa loves to pick out a recipe from Louisiana Cookin' Magazine and cook it for her family.

Lorraine Lorio, Convention Sales Assistant
Lorraine likes to Cajun dance and hunts duck and geese.  She can pluck and clean birds with the best of them.

Savanna Armstrong, Convention Services Account Executive
Savanna plays 3.5 tennis at City Park, has a beautiful boxer named Jazz and recently purchased a new home in Metairie with her husband. 

Stacey Gansar, Finance
Stacey is originally from Idaho but raised in New Orleans and glad she was.  She has one son, Griffin, who just turned 13...let the games begin!  Stacey has always wanted to learn to play piano and started lessons about two years ago.  Stacey knows eight-year-olds who can play better, but it feels great all the same!

Tara Letort, Director of Group Public Relations
Tara and her husband Cullen love to travel around the country to see Dave Matthews Band concerts, NASCAR races and University of Alabama football games. In fact, their first child Eli is named after the Bama commentator, Eli Gold. Roll Tide!

Tico Soto, Director of Tourism
In 2011-2012, Tico completed a half and a full marathon, which was a great accomplishment.  Tico got a ‘26.2,' the length of the marathon tattooed on his left bicep/upper arm to commemorate the accomplishment.  Who would think that Tico, of all people, would have a tattoo!