A Day In the Life

With the new account reassignments in Convention Sales, the team engaged in a two day account management training program that addressed strategy as well as story-telling. This approach allows you to share an experience, which often holds greater weight than fact sharing. The team spent two days with Bill Yetman of bydesign sharing their successes and experimenting with ways to incorporate these new tools into their everyday routine.

The training culminated with a competitive (we're in sales, everything's a bit competitive!) team building evening at Fulton Alley. From bowling to cheering, that entire sales department spent the evening knocking down pins, or at least trying!

Most Stylish

Most Spirited

Most Strikes

Lowest Score

Best Team Name

Highest Score

Gutter Mouths

We Be Strikin

G Lovers

Gutter Queens

Alley Cats


 And from this training, this is what everyone learned! 

A Day in the Life

 Video by Erica Lee