Culture Bearing • Culture Bridging • Culture Making 


To use the dynamic forces of culture and art to support, advocate for and otherwise facilitate the advancement of human, community and economic development, especially for people of African descent and other disenfranchised and marginalized members of our Central City and Metro-New Orleans community.


Drawing from the Nguzo Saba-the seven principles that form the foundation for the Kwanzaa celebration--Efforts of Grace, Inc. (EOG)/Ashé Cultural Arts Center (Ashé), has adapted these values to inform the work of EOG/Ashé, in the practice of culture bearing, culture bridging, and culture making, and especially in the character of our relationships with our various allies, communities, each other, and the world.


The vision for EOG/Ashé is to provide a place for people to meet, learn and work together-- culture bearing, culture bridging, and culture making--in creating a higher quality of life for all.  It is our intent to act as a catalyst, convener, educator, consciousness stimulator, and active agent in pursuing, emerging and creating equitable and transformative opportunities for marginalized and excluded people, especially artists, culture bearers, activists, residents of Central city and people of African descent.

Using the transformative power of culture and art with artists, culture bearers and activists as agents of change, EOG/Ashé works to encourage belief in the possibility of change and the individual and collective activism necessary to convert possibility into reality.  Using community programs, community, civic and cultural events that ae enriched by artists and culture bearers, Ashé seeks to be a bridge builder and investor in the creating of a more equitable and acceptable present, and a brighter future for us all.


Performing and Visual Arts Programming ▪ Community Development ▪ Cultural Programs Drum Circles ▪ Workshops ▪ Sistahs Making a Change ▪ Community Exercise & Wellness Classes ▪ Kuumba Institute for Kids ▪ Community Cinema ▪ Favorite Fathers Awards Programs ▪ Holiday on the Boulevard ▪ Annual Maafa Commemoration ▪ Redd Linen Night Monthly Wellness Luncheons ▪ Conferences ▪ Spoken Word ▪ Art Exhibitions ▪ Community Collaborations ▪ Men's Barbershop Meetings ▪ Family Focused  Events

OFFERING SERVICES AT THREE VENUES:  Ashé I, Ashé Too, & Ashé Power House

1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70113

Media Contact:
Viola T. Johnson Blunt