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(New Orleans, Louisiana-November 11, 2014)-The Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc, the organization that produces the annual Joan of Arc Parade and Salon de Jeanne d'Arc, has selected its 2015 Queen and King: Demo Diva owner Simone Bruni and Patrick's Bar Vin owner Patrick Van Hoorebeek. The third member of the Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc court, the student "Maid of Honor", is selected via an essay and interview contest, which has a November 21st deadline. Applications are still being accepted from young women age 16-19 years old in the Greater New Orleans area. The Maid of Honor will be announced mid-December at a Krewe holiday party at Degas House Dec. 10th.

The Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc holds the Joan of Arc Parade on Joan of Arc's birthday every January 6th and has walked in the French Quarter on Twelfth Night since January 6, 2009. Dressed in medieval garb and portraying various aspects of Joan of Arc's short but accomplished life, the krewe revels in New Orleans' French heritage and celebrates Joan of Arc, The Maid of Orléans, and her statuesque home in the French Quarter, New Orleans-a gift from France. Through several events throughout the year in addition to the parade, the krewe encourages knowledge of Joan's life, French history, and New Orleans' lineage and gratitude to both.

Since 2010, the Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc has selected a King to play the role of Charles VII, the Dauphin that Joan of Arc was reportedly instructed by her Voices to "crown"; the role of Queen Yolande of Aragon was created in 2013. Women selected to portray Queen Yolande, who funded Joan's army that ultimately made the King's crowning a reality, are women who have demonstrated significant support for young women in the community, have business savvy and most importantly, like Queen Yolande, work strategically "behind the scenes" to uplift and improve the lives of New Orleanians. All of the men selected to portray King Charles VII are either men who hail from France, or have a direct tie to French organizations in the city, and are engaged and enthusiastic New Orleans community members.


As the founder and owner of Demo Diva Demolition Company, Simone blazed a trail for herself in a male dominated industry and all the while painting the town pink. Out of a storm, Demo Diva Demolition was born as hope triumphed over devastation. As a former corporate event planner, Simone applied her marketing and branding savvy to the demolition industry and built an iconic hot pink dumpster and demolition business quickly noticeable all around New Orleans. Nine years later and with a fleet of hot pink excavators, dumpsters, trucks, and a crew of men in hot pink hard hats, the Demo Diva is a symbol of fortitude and resilience.

Simone has invested in the young women of New Orleans through sponsoring flag football for girls and the cheerleading competitions to teach young women their voice and their strength. Simone is a board member of the LASPCA and the LA Women in Government and Business.

The Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc selected Simone for her unwavering belief in herself and other women and her ability to make things happen against all odds. Her kinship with Joan is as significant as her likeness to Queen Yolande, a clever and successful operator of kingdoms and armies. "Simone displays the same type of fortitude as all powerful women in history: She takes herself seriously, and she listens to her inner voices. It was Queen Yolande who made Joan of Arc a success with her big-picture understanding of politics and people. It takes a certain kind of woman to get things done in what is still in many ways a man's world. We select women who accomplish things in their own unique, sincere way."


Since 1986, Brussels-born Patrick has played host to a parade of diners and has been a guest at the chateaux of the finest winemakers in France. His innate sense for hospitality has been enhanced by having countless celebrities and dignitaries such as Princess Michael of Kent, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Mick Jagger, Tom Cruise, Kevin Costner, to name a few, dine with him. In a town full of larger-than life restaurant icons, Patrick's career as a front of the house manager is legendary. His eighteen years at the Bistro de Ville were followed by engagements at some of the finest restaurants: The Windsor Court Hotel, Versailles, Peristyle, The Rib room and Restaurant August-all benefiting from his unerring sense of his guest's needs and desires. On July 21th 2011, his dream of opening a wine bar came true.

As the Masters of Ceremonies of Patrick's Bar Vin in the French Quarter, Patrick embodies New Orleans hospitality and French culture. Patrick's mother is from Le Havre, not far from DomRemy. As a Catholic, she would tell little Patrick stories about Joan of Arc, whose family was later ennobled by King Charles VII. "It's an honor to have been selected to play the role of Charles VII since the history of Joan of Arc is something so dear to my heart," he said.

The Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc selected Patrick for his generous support of French organizations and events in New Orleans; his ambassadorship to tourists and locals alike at his French Quarter bar; and his ability to make everyone who walks into his establishment feel like royalty.


Former Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc Kings:

2010: David Villarubia, Degas House

2011: Lilian Cadet, Alliance Francaise

2012: Damien Regnard, Conseiller elu a l'Assemblee des Francais de l'Etranger

2013: Rene Bajeux, Rene's Bistrot

2014: Jacques Soulas, Café Degas

Former Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc Queens:

2013: Betsie Gambel, Gambel Communications

2014: Mary Beth Romig, Public Affairs Specialist, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New Orleans Division

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