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When:  Saturday, October 15, 2016

10:00am to 12 noon. Water Walk and Learn: The Greater New Orleans Collaborative will be hosting a Walk and Learn with a focus on the river and Earth Lab, pulling together speakers who can provide different perspectives on the river and its role in shaping the city as we know it as well as how our relationship to the river has changed over time

Week Preceding. Water Symposium : (free to the public).  A range of water experts and financiers- from climate change scientists to State Administrators - discuss New Orleans' relationship with the water all around us and the ways in which that relationship will change as the effects of climate change and soil subsidence become even more significant. A community pot supper follows the lecture. Break bread and join with water and environmental experts to dialogue about the human face and real cost of proposed solutions to the water crisis.

6 p.m. Halloween Costume Parade (open to the public), with numerous stepping clubs, The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbaccus, and the band,  Bate Bunda.

7 p.m. The marching clubs arrive at the New Orleans Healing Center.

7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.  Live Music - 9 Bands and other performers, including burlesque, acrobats, dancers, interactive experiences, food, art exhibit, multi-media interactive art installations, special FX lighting, projections, live and silent auctions, psychic readers to see into the future, crafts, water altars, costume contest with prizes, Midnight Vodou Ceremony to invoke the mermaid spirit of the deep waters with the unveiling of a water sculpture designed by Ricardo Pustanio and Sallie Ann Glassman.

Where:  New Orleans Healing Center, 2372 St. Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA, 70117

Why:  By attending Anba Dlo, attendees are helping to bring attention to downtown neighborhoods, supporting and encouraging local creators of culture, raising awareness of water, and participating in the extraordinarily unique, multi-faceted experience that is Anba Dlo.

What it means:  Anba Dlo (Pronounced "Ahnbah Dlo") is Haitian Kreyol for "Beneath the Waters" and is meant to acknowledge and honor the importance of water to our life.

What it is:  Now in its 9th year, Anba Dlo IX, in partnership with A Studio In the Woods, a program of Tulane University, is unique as a one-of-a-kind, costumed, interactive community festival that celebrates the multicultural and artistic heritage of New Orleans.  It is a wonderful kick-off event to the upcoming Halloween celebrations across New Orleans.

A portion of any profits will go to support a Studio in the Woods (A program of Tulane University) and Tulane University's Environmental Law Clinic.

What there is to experience: 9 bands and 2 music stages will be set up in the New Orleans Healing Center. This year's festival will boast performers such as Keng and the Pantheon Of FUNK, 101 Runners, Doombalaya and Bate Bunda .  The Buskers and Burlesque Stage, featuring Busker Bands (Bands who play on the street for tips), including Viva Le Vox, The Salt Wives, The Siouxies, and burlesque performances by the Primrose Dolls.

FREE general admission! Expanded focus on multi-media, interactive installations created in collaboration between local artists, fishermen, environmental scientists, children, high school students, and university students. The festival will explore how water issues can be addressed through many disciplines and types of thinking - all under the guise of a spectacular costume party. This year's festival will be the jump-off point for events at schools around NOLA in the coming year, all under the Anba Dlo banner.

Lasiren's VIP Lounge will feature the Anba Dlo Art Exhibit, curated by Mario Padilla, complimentary light fare by favorite local chefs and restaurants, wine and cocktails. Mermaids and mermen will offer psychic readings and massage on Café Istanbul's balcony, with many more surprises to be announced.

For More information:,  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (#waterwatch, #anbadlofestival, and Twitter.

Must be 18 to enter and at least 21 to drink with valid ID.


            2372 St Claude Avenue  New Orleans, LA 70117

           Phone: 504-940-1130   Fax: 504-324-0044