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New Orleans Emergency Planning

We want to make sure everything goes smoothly no matter what

The successful planning and execution of conventions and meetings is a complex task under perfect conditions. When the normal complexities of meeting management and execution are impacted by emergency situations it is critical that effective, well thought out emergency plans and communication systems are in place.

New Orleans Tourism Crisis Management Plan

The goal of the New Orleans Tourism Crisis Management Plan is to ensure the safety and well being of all visitors and to provide accurate information and visible leadership in a timely fashion.

The City of New Orleans and State of Louisiana have implemented a unified emergency communications plan to ensure the timely flow of information across the region in emergency situations. The New Orleans tourism industry has joined with the Mayor and Governor to provide information they require to conduct a fully integrated Crisis Management Program for the City and the State.

The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau is the only agency in New Orleans in day-to-day touch with the full spectrum of tourism industry participants on a local, national and international basis, including: NOCVB members and industry-related professionals; community, business and government organizations and leaders; corporate and association travel markets; group and individual leisure travel markets; and relevant media.

The New Orleans Convention Bureau Rapid Response Team, a group of executive staff with significant emergency experience (including the CVB CEO and senior operations officers), come together on-site and establish constant emergency communications with city and state officials, meeting vendors, convention center officials and staff to ensure a smooth transition through each phase of the emergency plan.

The plan presents a comprehensive and effective citywide emergency communications plan for the Greater New Orleans tourism industry. The individual emergency plans included in this plan for New Orleans tourism entities support the City and State Crisis Management Plan and are in line with the entire regional tourism industry.

The Tourism Crisis Management Plan is made available to meeting planners, convention attendees, travel professionals and guests to New Orleans to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions and to be assured that their safety and well-being is of utmost importance.

For more information or to request our crisis plan, contact:

Cara Banasch

Cara Banasch

Senior Vice President of Business Development & Strategy