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Jackson Square
Jackson Square

Membership Policies

  1. Membership dues cover a listing for one company name and one main contact.

  2. Membership dues are billed annually in January.

  3. The Confidential Convention Calendar will be posted on the Members Only section of the New Orleans & Company website for Members whose dues are current.

  4. New Orleans & Company mails an invoice in January and a statement every 30 days after that. New Orleans & Company policy dictates that Members with delinquent dues past 90 days are subject to suspension of all benefits.

  5. Checks are payable to New Orleans & Company. Payment can also be made using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

  6. Applicants and members must meet all business requirements set by State, City and Parish governments.

  7. To ensure adequate information is available for New Orleans & Company publications, website and general inquiries, it is the responsibility of the member, or their duly appointed representative, to supply accurate information regarding your business upon joining.

  8. The Board of Directors may suspend or expel any Member who has sold, distributed or given to non-members any of New Orleans & Company's confidential or "Members Only" materials or if the conduct of any member is prejudicial to the best interest of the City or New Orleans & Company.

  9. New Orleans & Company is a 501C-6 organization. Membership dues cannot be deducted as a charitable contribution; however, they may be deducted as a business expense. Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code #162(B)(3) and 6033(E)(1) 11.5% of the dues for 2024 are nondeductible. (Members are encouraged to pursue this matter with their individual tax accountants.) 

  10. Membership dues are based on New Orleans & Company's investment schedule. The schedule has been determined through a number of variables including return on investment, comparison with other bureaus and the cost of servicing the needs of a Member.

Please click here to download the membership application. For questions or more information please contact 504.566.5027 or email