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Exhibitor Services New Orleans

Reuse or recycle to minimize environmental impact.

New Orleans & Company can assist with lighting, design, staffing and many other exhibitor needs.

Green Exhibitor Practices

New Orleans & Company is devoted to being eco-friendly. As meetings and conventions can include dozens or hundreds of exhibitors, it's important to pass on to them a green philosophy. How they set up their booths and the materials they use can make a big difference in the overall environmental impact of your meeting. General contractors can also be directed to use recyclable materials

Consider the following tips to help minimize the environmental impact of your exhibitors and general contractors:

  • Ask exhibitors to reuse and/or recycle packing materials.
  • Create a recognition program for green exhibitors and develop a criteria to award them with special signage during the show.
  • Ask contractors to use table coverings and garbage can liners that are 100% biodegradable, compostable and polyethylene-free and work with them to minimize the use of non-reusable materials.
  • Encourage exhibitors to avoid standard paper kits and to put them on CD or available on the web site.

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New Orleans & Company members have the necessary resources to help you execute a successful event.
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