Make your wedding departure just as exciting as your wedding entrance! Once the party comes to an end, plan your wedding exit with a fun and memorable moment for you and your guests. Let this be the grand finale of your special day.

Second line through the streets of New Orleans!

In New Orleans, one of the more popular wedding traditions is the famous second line parade. At the end of the wedding reception, form a line behind a brass band and have them parade you and your guests out the door of the venue. Dancing to lively music with umbrellas, handkerchiefs, or napkins in hand is the perfect way to close out your wedding.

Have your Guests Participate

If you are looking for a more traditional wedding send-off, have your family and friends form an aisle for you and your spouse to exit down. You can customize this exit to fit your personality. While you walk down the aisle formed by your guests, they can wave glow sticks, toss rose petals, blow bubbles, or pop confetti poppers to commemorate the end of an amazing celebration. Each of these ideas would bring your big day to a fantastic close and would result in a moment to be remembered by all forever.

Paul Broussard

French Quarter Carriage

Riding in a mule-drawn French Quarter carriage is a unique and authentic New Orleans way to depart your wedding. Carriages can be found lined up along Jackson Square daily but can also be booked for special events such as a wedding. Nothing is more romantic than you and your spouse getting whisked away on a carriage ride post-celebration. As you ride away, be sure to wave back at your guests and live in this irreplaceable moment.

There are endless, creative ways to commemorate the end of your wedding. As you exit your venue, make it a memorable experience for all your family and friends. The perfect wedding event starts the moment you walk in the door to the moment you walk out!

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