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Gates of Prayer Cemetery
Gates of Prayer Cemetery

New Orleans has a Ghostly History

Experience the spooky side of NOLA's haunted history

Cheryl Gerber
Haunted New Orleans

Ghosts and New Orleans go together like beads and Mardi Gras. Considered by many ghost hunters to be the most supernatural city in the United States, believers agree that New Orleans teems with restless spirits. This is where enslaved Africans practiced Voodoo arts; where atrocities were committed in the infamous LaLaurie Mansion; where secret brothels and hidden haunted spaces abound. The city’s many ghost tours trace the bloody steps of infamous crimes and delve into the eerie cemeteries that earn New Orleans the moniker City of the Dead. It goes without saying that bars are haunted too, which makes a haunted pub crawl a spine-tingling option. Or maybe that hotel you are staying in is haunted too. Here, sometimes, the walls do talk.