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Fish Entree
Fish Entree

Chef Emeril Lagasse

From cookware to essence, Emeril Lagasse continues to dominate

Beyonce. Bono. Emeril. Only in New Orleans can a chef become so famous he needs only one name. And not just in Louisiana. Emeril Lagasse’s TV shows, cookbooks and restaurants helped to define New Orleans cuisine for the rest of the world. He's an enthusiastic supporter of the city and its many charities and New Orleans has returned the favor – dining at his three distinct local restaurants nightly to savor classics and discover what’s new.

Emeril's Restaurant is a noisy, bustling restaurant in the belly of the Warehouse District. Both lunch and dinner feature new New Orleans foods with a Creole ethnic flair. Meril is a casual version of Emeril's with a fun, open-style kitchen and a large bar area. NOLA Restaurant is hip, also casual, and features Cajun/Creole dishes in the heart of the French Quarter in a 1800s-era building. The industrial décor makes for a moody ambiance. Emeril's Delmonico is an elegant, sophisticated restaurant on historic St. Charles Avenue featuring classic New Orleans Creole cuisine. Located in what was once an antebellum mansion, it’s a destination for celebration and tradition.

Emeril may be the name, but his food can only be called delectable.

Emeril Lagasse Restaurants