What are Reveillon Dinners?

Dating back to the 1800s and having resurfaced in the 1990s, Reveillon dining is an annual holiday tradition that has withstood the test of time. A Creole custom that began as intimate family feasts following midnight mass on Christmas morning has blossomed into a city-wide celebration of the holiday season and New Orleans’ rich and unique culinary culture.

Rebecca Todd
Arnaud’s Restaurant – Reveillon Dinner

In lieu of early morning dining, Reveillon Dinners have modernized their timing and expanded to take place throughout the city. Each December, dozens of New Orleans’ finest restaurants and eateries invite eager diners in for a taste of their four, five and six-course, pre-fixe Reveillon menus. Reveillon menus can range anywhere from $35- 90 a person. Craft holiday cocktails and wine pairings are also available at an additional cost. 

What types of Reveillon Dinners are available?

While 200-year-old tradition has undergone a few minor changes over the centuries, the heart of Reveillon remains the same–bringing loved ones together through food. Luckily, diners have more options on how to experience Reveillon today.

Reveillon Traditional

These traditional offerings include a pre-fixe menu using only ingredients that were made available in the 1800s. Typically the meals are composed of rich and luxurious regional fare. 

Reveillon Contemporary

Restaurants offerings contemporary Reveillon will present a more modern-day play on the traditional Reveillon spread. These menus encourage new and innovative food trends and cooking techniques with Reveillon elements as interpreted by chefs. 


Have your Reveillon a little earlier in the day with a selection of your favorite brunch classics featuring Reveillon-inspired options and finishes. 

Petite Reveillon

On a budget or just not as hungry? Check out Petite Reveillon, which features pre-fixe Reveillon menus with lighter fare and fewer options. It comes at a valued price.

Rebecca Todd
Holiday Cocktails - Carousel Bar

Reveillon on the Rocks

Raise a glass to the holidays with Reveillon’s craft-cocktail spin-off. Bars and restaurants have concocted holiday-inspired spirits and libations to pair alongside your meal.

What is on the Reveillon menu?

While some longstanding eateries choose to stick to the script, Reveillon menus are everchanging. Each year brings a new opportunity for creation. Traditional Creole fare, modern Isreali mashups, and standout Latin cuisine are all among Reveillon’s menu highlights. 

Visit Holiday.NewOrleans.com/food-and-drink/ for a break down of this year’s participating restaurants, full menus, featured holiday cocktails, pricing and more.