COOLinary Encore FAQs

What are the dates for COOLinary Encore?

  • COOLinary Encore will run from Monday, October 19th - Sunday, November 22nd, 2020.

Is there a fee to participate in COOLinary Encore?

  • There is no fee to participate in the campaign.

Where can the list of participating restaurants be found?

Can we participate for less than the length of the 5-week program?

  • Yes, you can participate in as few or as many weeks as you would like.

Is there a minimum number of days per week our restaurant is required to participate?

  • Restaurants must offer COOLinary Encore a minimum of 3 days per week (2 day minimum if only participating in brunch). This can be divided between multiple meal services.

Can my restaurant only participate for one meal service (EX: dinner only)?

  • Yes, you can still be a part of the program if you only want to participate in one meal service.

Are only table service restaurants eligible?

  • The program is open to restaurants that offer table or counter service.

Can we only offer delivery and/or take-out?

  • Yes, you can only offer delivery and/or take-out. You do not have to offer dine in for COOLinary Encore.

May we charge a delivery fee?

  • Yes, you can charge a delivery fee for COOLinary Encore meals. It is the restaurant’s responsibility to work out the delivery arrangements and fees either with a third party or restaurant staff.

Can the same menu be offered throughout the whole program?

  • Yes, you can offer the same menu throughout the program.

Is there a limit to the number of choices a restaurant can offer per course?

  • There is no limit. Restaurants that offer two or more choices per course usually secure more COOLinary diners as the options satisfy the entire dining party.

Can restaurants substitute a beverage for one of the courses on their menu?

  • Yes, however, the beverage must be an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer, wine or cocktail to be substituted for a course.

Does the 3rd course have to be a dessert?

  • No, the 3rd course can be a food item OR an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer, wine or cocktail.

Can restaurants offer a higher price point for their menu?

  • The 2-course prix fixe menu for lunch must be $22 or less and the 3-course prix-fixe menu for dinner and/or brunch must be $40 or less. Add-ons and optional upgrades for a fee are strongly encouraged and are a great way to maximize profits during the promotion. For example, consider offering an entrée topping or a specialty cocktail for an additional charge. There is an opportunity to offer a higher price point for your menu, as long as you participate in the regular COOLinary Encore offering.  Please see Chef Special COOLinary encore menu question below.

Can restaurants participate even if they decide to opt out of all themes?

  • Yes, if you do not want to participate in a single theme, then the menu will be featured in the regular section for the entire program. However, you will receive the best website placement by participating in the themed weeks.

How will restaurants who participate in the themes be featured on the COOLinary Encore website?

  • If you wish to opt into the weekly theme, your menu will be emphasized on the COOLinary Encore website and promoted through our public relations tactics and social media channels. If you wish to opt in, we ask that the theme is incorporated into at least one of your lunch, dinner or brunch courses.

How will restaurants who do not participate in themes be featured on the COOLinary Encore website?

  • Restaurants that are not participating in the themes will be listed on the website under those restaurants who are participating in the themes.

What if the restaurant incorporates the theme into its lunch menu, for example, but not its dinner menu? Where will the restaurant be featured?

  • As long as one menu fits the weekly theme requirement, all of the restaurant’s menus for that week will be emphasized on the COOLinary Encore website within the theme section.

What is the deadline for the themed menus?

  • The themed menus will be due the Monday prior to that theme; however, we encourage you to submit menus to ocelata@neworleans.com as early as possible.

  • Week 1: Deadline October 12

  • Week 2: Deadline October 19

  • Week 3: Deadline October 26

  • Week 4: Deadline November 2

  • Week 5: Deadline November 9

What are the requirements for the Chef's Special COOLinary Menu? 

  • The only requirement is that you must offer a regular fall COOLinary Encore menu that fits the campaign’s course and price parameters in order to offer the Chef's Special menu.  We encourage you to build an enhanced Chef's Special offering that is not limited by the price parameters, featured dishes or number of courses.

How will the Chef's Special COOLinary Menu be promoted if I offer one? 

  • This menu will not be featured on our website to promote maximum chef flexibility.  We request that you manage the menu on your website and we will direct customers to you. 

Once the program begins on October 19th, can restaurants change their decision to participate or not participate in the themes?

  • Yes, you can decide to opt in or out of the theme, but as much advance notice as possible is requested. If you opt in, we will feature your themed menu in the themed section. If you opt out, we will default to featuring your original menu.

Can restaurants make changes to their offer or listing after the program begins?

Who should restaurants contact if they have additional questions?