The age-old tradition of flowers at a wedding ceremony has become more and more important over time. Trends come and go, but flowers remain an integral part of weddings. When it comes time to choose wedding flowers, there is so much to consider such as budget, color, and style. Here are a few helpful tips to make your decision-making process easier.

Contact a Local Florist

Contacting a local florist will help you immensely in picking out which flowers are best for you, and they make the process as stress free as possible.

Choosing Different Types of Flowers for Different Seasons

In New Orleans, the time of the year could have a say in the flowers you choose for your wedding. Considering which season will help you see if there are certain flowers from that specific timeframe to incorporate into your big day. For example, in January, the Japanese Magnolia and the Star Magnolia are in full bloom, but they won’t be when it comes to summertime. Take a walk-through New Orleans Botanical Garden during your wedding season and get an idea of what flowers grab your attention.

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Matching Flowers to the Wedding

Every wedding has its own style and aesthetic. It is important that your flowers correspond to the overall feel of the wedding. If you are looking to have a more classic style wedding, this will influence the type of flowers and colors used. The venue and overall ambience can play a big part in that decision as well. When you explain your wedding’s style, determine if it is rustic, boho, modern, elegant, etc. The better description you give, the easier it will be to pick the perfect flowers to go with your theme.

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding is what perfectly ties everything together. They allow you express your personality, style, and creativity so your guests can see exactly who you are.

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