A destination wedding in New Orleans is guaranteed to be filled with magical moments. And to remind you and your loved ones of all the cherished memories, you can make your wedding favors extra special. All you need to do is add a touch of New Orleans flair!

Looking for some New Orleans-inspired wedding lagniappe (a little something extra) for your guests? Here’s a few bright ideas that let your wedding party bring the Big Easy atmosphere home. They’re all local favorites, full of New Orleans style, and make the best gifts.
Wedding Favor Ideas with New Orleans Flair | New Orleans


Treat your guests to a unique New Orleans treat that tastes as sweet as your love!

Paul Broussard, NOTMC

Pralines are ingeniously simple sweets that everyone can enjoy: sugar, cream, butter, and pecans blended into a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth confection. No New Orleans experience is complete without a bite.

Pralines are as old as the city itself, beginning with French colonials in the 1700's and quickly becoming a beloved Southern tradition.For example,  Aunt Sally’s Decatur Street praline shop stays true to the traditional recipe, with their sweet, fresh-from-the-oven aroma.

Hot Sauce

Louisiana is the proud home-state of Tabasco sauce, spicy Creole cuisine, and a rich culture of well-seasoned food. The perfect hot sauce is considered a fine work of art, and a bottle of Louisiana-style flavor makes the perfect wedding favor.

One of many local spots to get a deliciously authentic selection of hot sauce is the Crescent City Cooks Cooking School. The French Quarter hot-spot puts New Orleans’ unique food culture on display with cooking classes, daily demonstrations, and a wide range of New Orleans dining essentials for purchase.

Rebecca Todd
Wall of Hot Sauce

The wall of hot sauce is sure to add plenty of flair to your wedding favors, and your wedding party will love the chance to take home a taste of New Orleans!


An ice-cold drink is a must for celebrating in New Orleans, and your wedding party will love a New Orleans-themed koozie to have and to hold.

Toulouse Royale Gifts is a local gift shop for New Orleans accessories, complete with koozies as a fun and practical favor to give to guests. A variety of options include the Fleur de Lis, jazzy music notes, and colorful New Orleans landmarks.

And if koozies aren’t quite your style, they have coasters, shot glasses, bottle openers, and so much more – every kind of New Orleans flair you can think of to commemorate your special day.

Hurricane Mix

The best kind of wedding favors are the ones that let you bring the celebration home with you. And when you have a spectacular wedding in New Orleans, there’s one gift that your guests can’t do out: their very own package of Hurricane Mix from Pat O’Brien’s.

Pat O’s is one of the oldest running bars in New Orleans. What started as a Prohibition-Era speakeasy is now one of the most recognizable bars in the French Quarter, and their signature drink – The Hurricane – is a quintessential New Orleans experience.

Paul Broussard
Hurricane - Pat O'Brien's Bar

The historic streets, the friendly smiles, the unforgettable New Orleans moments - they’re all packed into a Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane. This simple recipe is full of New Orleans flair, and will remind your guests of your special wedding with every sip.

Mardi Gras Beads

Mardi Gras beads come in all shapes and sizes. And with the right kind of style, they make great wedding favors that get your guests in the Carnival spirit.

Hearts, wedding rings, chapel bells, bouquets – whatever you’re looking for, Mardi Gras beads are perfect complement. You can stick with the Big Easy theme and include beads with a Fleur de Lis pattern or traditional Mardi Gras masks. Or, you can get customized pendants for the wedding favor beads with your names and wedding date included.

There are tons of options when it comes to Mardi Gras beads for your wedding favors – and if you really want a Mardi Gras-style wedding, there are plenty of tasteful ways to incorporate them into your ceremony as well!

Fleur de Lis Handkerchiefs 

The Fleur de Lis is the most identifiable New Orleans symbol. Putting this symbol on your wedding favor in any way is sure to put a smile on you and your guests faces. A handkerchief in specific will help bring your New Orleans wedding to the perfect close, when your guests can join you in a second line waving their wedding favors high!

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