Looking for the perfect wedding gift? Lucky for you, New Orleans provides many options for you the get the best gift for the newlyweds. There is no better way to do that than to give them a gift that ties into the beautiful city that they had their wedding in.

Find Unique Gifts at Local Shops

Find the perfect wedding gift at one of the plenty local shops in New Orleans. Shops like Hazelnut on Magazine Street or Forever New Orleans on Royal Street are home to New Orleans and Louisiana-made items that are perfect for gifting. They offer many products that are New Orleans themed, as well as cookbooks and jewelry.

Unconventional New Orleans Gifts

New Orleans has some of the most unique traditions in the world. If you are looking to find a more unconventional gift, things such as tarot cards or palm reading would be a fun gift. You can find these at Earth Odyssey in the French Quarter. There is an endless number of eccentric gifts that New Orleans has to offer. Think outside of the box and you are sure to wow the happy couple! 

Gifts with New Orleans Designs

Zack Smith
Art in Jackson Square

There are many designs and patterns that are iconic to New Orleans that would make a great print on kitchenware or house decor. Things like oyster-shaped serving bowls, alligator letter openers, streetcar linens, New Orleans themed pillows, house ceramics, paintings, and more are also gifts to consider when looking for a New Orleans centric item.

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