Reveling in the Crescent City’s unique charm is one of the best perks of a New Orleans destination wedding. And when it comes to choosing the perfect venue, nothing is more magical than a New Orleans courtyard.New Orleans Courtyard Wedding Venues | New Orleans

Whether it’s a lush green space or a historic outdoor area full of Old-World grandeur, a courtyard ceremony can’t be beat. They have their own special style, are full of fresh air, and photograph beautifully!

Looking for the ideal spot for your big day? Here are a few breathtaking courtyard venues that are perfect for your New Orleans destination wedding.

Court of Two Sisters

There are few New Orleans venues as iconic as the Court of Two Sisters’ courtyard. This Grand Dame restaurant has been a New Orleans landmark since 1726.

It’s a space that is filled with historic splendor – a perfect match for a classic, majestic wedding. The flourishing wisteria vines, the timeless brick layout, and the French Quarter charm all add an unforgettable atmosphere to your big day.

Il Mercato

Located off New Orleans’ vibrant Magazine Street, Il Mercato is a marvelously stylish venue with a picturesque courtyard space.

It’s a timeless setting for your ceremony – especially if you’re dreaming of a festive, familial celebration for your New Orleans wedding.

Built in 1931, Il Mercato has a Spanish colonial style that was originally designed as a neighborhood market. Now an event space, the building retains a warm and welcoming charm that makes for a gorgeous wedding day.

The Van Benthuysen Elms Mansion

If a one-of-a-kind wedding is what you have in mind, look no further than the Elms Mansion. This stately, historic landmark in Garden District has everything you could ask for.

Preserved and operated by the Elms family since 1869, the Elms Mansion prides itself on its attention to exquisite details. From the luxurious décor to the beautifully landscaped garden and courtyard, it exudes New Orleans’ timeless style – and is sure to take your guests’ breath away.

Maison Dupuy Hotel

Located in the heart of the historic French Quarter, the Maison Dupuy Hotel has a courtyard that makes any wedding special.

The hotel’s outdoor space is a renovated, secluded, and absolutely breathtaking venue. It’s a beautiful backdrop for your big day, filling every moment with the enchanting ambiance of the Vieux Carre.


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