The food truck scene continues to grow in New Orleans. They offer delicious, authentic food that you are sure to enjoy. Food trucks are enthusiastically embraced by visitors as well as locals.

Support Local New Orleans Vendors

Interested in booking a food truck for your wedding? By doing this, not only are you sure to have amazing food on your big day, but you are also supporting local New Orleans businesses. Take a look at some of the food trucks you can secure, but there are plenty more where that comes from.

Allow Guests a Choice

As a host, it is natural to focus on your guest’s experience. The cuisine being served plays a huge factor in wedding experience. There is also a possibility that your venue will not have a kitchen, therefore you would have to cater the event with a third-party caterer. If you are looking to serve traditional New Orleans dishes and provide options for yourself and your guests, food trucks are the perfect way to go!


By booking a food truck, you are opening many different doors for your guests to truly divulge themselves into New Orleans cuisine. Many food trucks offer a buffet table that is set up outside of the truck where their offerings are out for display and up for grab. If you like this idea, be sure to inquire with the food trucks you would like to book. Some can even cater the whole wedding if you were only looking to book one food truck and not multiple.

New Orleans is known for its delicious cuisine. Whether you try a muffuletta, po-boy, shrimp and grits, or gumbo, you cannot leave without eating like a local. When hosting a wedding in New Orleans, it is important to have authentic New Orleans based food served by local businesses.

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