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DTB - Eat Fit NOLA
DTB - Eat Fit NOLA
DTB - Eat Fit NOLA

Eat Fit NOLA

From award-winning restaurants to casual eateries, eating healthy in New Orleans is a breeze

What is Eat Fit NOLA?

Eat Fit is a nonprofit initiative created and overseen by a team of Ochsner Health System dieticians in an effort to help the New Orleans community live their healthiest and strongest lives. In a city known, loved and sought after for its cuisine, it’s is important to find ways to make health-conscious choices while still enjoying all of the flavors the city has to offer. Eat Fit NOLA dieticians work closely with restaurants, markets and other foodservice establishments to curate healthy menu items and options that meet Eat Fit requirements.

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What are the Eat Fit NOLA Guidelines?

While Eat Fit NOLA comes at no cost to restaurant and vendor participants, there are a number of requirements needed to be met to ensure menu items are Eat Fit-approved. The Eat Fit criterion is focused on lean proteins, plant-based fats, vegetables, whole grains with no white carbs, and minimal added sugars and animal fats. Rather than low-fat or “lite,” Eat Fit focuses on heart-smart plant-based fats.

Eat Fit appetizers, entrees, breakfast, snacks, smoothies, cocktails, desserts and even kids meals are ideal for those watching their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Each food grouping has its own set of requirements to become Eat Fit approved. They range from everything like a maximum of 600 calories and 800mg of sodium in entrees, to not having more than 150 calories in a cocktail or more than 300 calories for an appetizer, soup or salad. You can find the complete list of nutritional requirements here.

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Where can I find Eat Fit NOLA options?

Eat Fit NOLA has partnered with over 100 restaurants in the Greater New Orleans area. Anything from cocktails to coffee and Caribbean to Hispanic cuisine offers Eat Fit NOLA options. Restaurants offering Eat Fit options will usually list the Eat Fit NOLA logo next to the dish on the menu, but if you have any trouble finding them (or questions about the nutritional information), just ask your server.

 In addition to restaurant partners, Eat Fit NOLA has expanded to hotspot locations such as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Audubon Zoo for healthy choices no matter where you go. Check out the list below and for Eat Fit NOLA participating restaurants and explore here for Eat Fit NOLA menu items. Make sure to download the Ochsner Eat Fit App and plan your meals on-the-go! 

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