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Big Easy Bucha
Big Easy Bucha

Dry January in New Orleans

Paul Broussard
Compere Lapin

As New Orleans celebrates its 300th birthday in 2018, parties, events and festivals are sure to be nonstop throughout the year. What’s a better New Years Resolution than to spend January detoxing before Mardi Gras and festival season takes over full force. Here are a few tips on how to have a dry January in New Orleans…

  1. Check out Big Easy Bucha - Breweries don’t have to involve alcohol. Sip on some fermented sweet tea at New Orleans’ own kombucha brewery in Mid-City. This increasingly popular drink not only tastes good, but is packed with health benefits. It’s good for your liver!
  2. Grab a juice on the go - In a hurry? Swing by one of the locations of the Green Fork or Satsuma for a healthy juice already made for you. Both restaurants use organic ingredients to create a variety of juices and smoothies. Tip: The “Renewal” juice at the Green Fork is a great cure for your winter cold and the “Immune Booster” from Satsuma is just what your body needs before Mardi Gras.
  3. Suggest St. Roch Market - This community food hall is the perfect place to go with a group that can’t decide what they want to eat. Choose among 13 vendors for a variety of options that will please everyone. No need to be enticed by the bar when there is a great selection of healthy and non-alcoholic drinks. Whether you get a smoothie from JuiceNOLA or a coffee from Coast Roast, you will be glad you suggested St. Roch. Tip: JuiceNOLA sells a Big Easy Bucha smoothie that will leave your taste buds happy.
  4. Start your day at The Daily Beet - Before going to the ‘dome to cheer on the Saints, swing by the Daily Beet for a variety of healthy options and delicious smoothies. Located in the South Market District, the Daily Beet is the perfect place to grab breakfast or lunch before exploring downtown.
  5. Walk through the Garden District and go to HiVolt Coffee - Located in the Lower Garden District, HiVolt Coffee prides itself on serving the highest quality of healthy food and beverages. Start your morning with a coffee or smoothie, then walk down Magazine Street and through the Garden District to explore trendy shops and beautiful architecture.
  6. Have an award-winning meal at Compere Lapin - Top Chef star and James Beard Winner, Nina Compton, not only whips up amazing dishes, but also great “mocktails”. Let the bartender know what kind of alcoholic drinks you usually enjoy, and he will create a virgin version for you.
  7. Go out with your friends to Bar Tonique -  No reason to have FOMO during January. You can accompany your friends to Bar Tonique, where they have a page on their menu full of “mocktails” . The non-alcoholic drinks are just as fun and flavorful as their alcoholic specials. Tip: Tell the bartender you’re the designated driver and your drinks will be free!
  8. Enjoy a mocktail at Kingfish - Kingfish is known for their craft cocktails and upscale bar, but their craft mocktails are just as good. Enjoy a delicious meal while sipping on the bartender’s craft alcohol-free creations.
  9. Imagine you’re on an island at Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 - Although this bar in known for their rum infused tiki drinks, the owner spent just as much time creating non-alcoholic tiki drinks. Enjoy an exotic drink without breaking your New Year's Resolution.
  10. Go to Three Muses on Frenchmen Street - Kick off the new year with live music at Three Muses. Dance the night away on a sugar high from their blueberry limeade.