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New Orleans Pride
New Orleans Pride
Lafitte in Exile – New Orleans Pride

Ultimate New Orleans Pride Guide

New Orleans Pride Weekend is June 7-9, 2024

The Basics

What is New Orleans Pride? 

New Orleans Pride is a citywide celebration of our LGBTQ community and their contributions to our city and culture. 

A formal, privately held “New Orleans Pride” organization maintains its own programming, but many local businesses and organizations host special events and initiatives that unite and uplift the city’s LGBTQ community. No single person or entity has complete ownership of Pride in our city, and because we all live and experience pride and queerness in different ways, we believe this is a good thing.

While events flow throughout the month of June, New Orleans Pride Weekend is June 7-9, 2024, and New Orleans Black Pride Weekend is June 6-9, 2024.

Zack Smith
New Orleans Pride in the French Quarter

Here, you’re welcome to define your own Pride experience–and you can rest assured that no matter who you are or how you want to celebrate, there will be a community event or gathering where you can show all your brightest colors with like-minded people.

New Orleans' LGBTQ+ Community
Where would we be if we didn't accept people as they are?

What types of events are happening? 

In classic New Orleans fashion, you’ll find an eclectic mix of parades and parties with an LGBTQ twist and unexpected–but ingenious–entertainment. The lineup typically includes everything from dance parties and raves to the weekend’s crown jewel event: the pride parade.

New Orleans Black Pride Weekend coincides with New Orleans Pride weekend and hosts several events that specifically celebrate queer people of color. In addition to pool and dance parties, the calendar of events also includes a welcome party and “fam”ily reunion picnic.

You can find a running list of events on our website here, and be sure to check back often for new information and updates.

Is there a cost? 

Many events, including parades and block parties, are completely free and open to the public. Private events, such as after parties and concerts, may require paid ticketing, while some bars and clubs may charge a cover fee. We recommend scoping out the events you’re most interested in and noting any necessary costs in advance. It’s never a bad idea to have extra cash on hand in case you stumble upon a can’t-miss event (or in case you need another drink before heading to your next stop). 

Who can participate? 

A better question might be, “Who can’t participate?” to which we would say, “Jerks.” Seriously–everyone is welcome here, whether you identify as LGBTQ or not. We encourage our friends and allies to join us in celebrating our hard-earned liberation and joyfulness. As long as you arrive with loving and respectful intentions, New Orleans Pride is for you, too.

Zack Smith
Family-Friendly New Orleans

Is Pride family friendly? 

Just as you can expect to see a vast spectrum of people, identities and interests, you can expect to witness many different forms of expression, some of which might be more appropriate for kids than others. Crowds gathered around hotspots like our French Quarter gay bars tend to skew toward bawdy–but that doesn’t mean you can’t find opportunities to enjoy Pride with your family. Local breweries like Urban South and Faubourg host annual family-friendly Pride celebrations, and Longue Vue House and Gardens and French Market District also offer family-centric Pride programming. 

What if partying isn’t my thing? 

Our family events are a great option for anyone who prefers a more lowkey Pride experience. These are typically held during the day and can feel more like festivals than parties. You can also enjoy a stroll through the French Quarter with the Queer History Tour of New Orleans or enjoy a drag brunch. Volunteer opportunities exist as well, like Habitat for Humanity’s Pride Build. Stay tuned for House of Tulip’s Hot Summer Celebration, a block party celebrating the trans community held in June.

The Specifics: 

When is New Orleans Pride? 

New Orleans Pride Weekend typically falls over the second weekend of June, but events take place all over the city throughout the month of June. Of course, you can put on a costume and take to the streets in celebration of your Pride any day of the week (and all year long, for that matter). 

Jabari Henry
New Orleans Pride Parade

Is there a New Orleans Pride parade? Where can I see it? 

Yes! Although the route might vary slightly from year to year, the New Orleans Pride parade usually begins in the Marigny and ends in the French Quarter. For future dates and route information,  look out for announcements on NewOrleans.comNew Orleans Pride, or NOLA Pride 365. The date is usually solidified a few months in advance, and local businesses and organizations are welcome to show their support by walking in the parade.  

Local Tips:

What should I wear? 

If regular clothes are your thing, you’re welcome to show up as you are. But come on–this is New Orleans. We’ll certainly be costuming every chance we get. That old feather boa in the back of your closet? Dig it out and throw it over your shoulder. Those silver stretchy pants you wore once in college? They’re ready for an encore. Or, if for some reason you don’t have anything like that, visit one of our local costume shops for everything you need and more to create an unforgettable Pride look. 

Devonte Williford
New Orleans French Quarter

Where Should I Stay for New Orleans Pride?

We recommend looking for a hotel or bed and breakfast in the French Quarter or Marigny if you’d like to be as close to the festivities as possible. Our hotel guide, sorted by neighborhoods, is available here. Of course, with events happening all over the city, you don’t have to restrict yourself to downtown areas. Should you choose to stay Uptown or in Mid-City, you can easily get to and from your next event using public transit. This might be the perfect opportunity to grab an RTA 1- or 3-Day Jazzy Pass for unlimited streetcar rides through some of the city’s most scenic locations and neighborhoods.  

Where Should I Eat and Drink During New Orleans Pride?

We’re glad you asked. It wouldn’t be New Orleans without delicious food and drinks you can’t find anywhere else. Many establishments are LGBTQ-specific, but even the ones that aren’t are friendly and welcoming to all patrons. Whether you’re looking for classic Creole fare or innovative fusions, our Restaurants Guide will point you to whatever your palate desires. You can also find our list of gay bars and clubs here

How can I be sure I’m supporting LGBTQ businesses during Pride? 

In New Orleans, the LGBTQ community is a vibrant and robust contributor to a number of industries, and we’re proud to be home to so many LGBTQ-owned businesses. Almost anything you want to eat, drink, buy, or experience can be found at queer-owned establishments, and we encourage you to support our diverse business community during Pride month. In addition, you can look out for our Everyone’s Welcome Here sticker in storefronts throughout the city, which means that the business is committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ visitors.