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St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter
St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter

Tricentennial Deals and Specials

See what deals/specials NOLA has in store for her 300th birthday

To celebrate New Orleans’ 300th birthday, local businesses are offering special deals & discounts or unique, tricentennial-only items for visitors to take advantage of throughout 2018. We’ve rounded up ways that you can find all of these special Tricentennial offers on one convenient page. See here for NOLA300 specialty menu items that restaurants and bars will only serve this year, and join in on raising a glass to New Orleans’ next 300 years. Further below, find listings of deals and discounts you can use at hotels, restaurants, and more.

Speciality Tricentennial Cocktails

1718 Cocktail at the Davenport Lounge

Celebrate 300 years of New Orleans at the Davenport Lounge, located in New Orleans beautiful Ritz Carlton. The cocktail combines the world’s first VSOP cognac - France’s Hennessy VSOP Privilege, Old Overholt, Pedro Ximenez Sherry from Spain, and a dash of Peychaud’s bitters. You can print a coupon for it here, or just ask for the 1718 Cocktail at the bar.

The Jazz Playhouse “French 300”

The Jazz Playhouse’s French 300 is a Tricentennial cocktail made with Belvedere peach nectar, fresh lime juice, & honey syrup, and topped with Moet Imperial Brut. Enjoy it in this incredible jazz club.

Tricentennial Sazerac at Seven Three Distilling Co.

When in New Orleans, a Sazerac is a must - it’s a classic Crescent City cocktail. Seven Three Distilling Co. is offering a twist on the Sazerac with their cocktail, made with their unique blended whiskey finished in cognac barrels: the Irish Channel Whiskey.

Abita’s Maison Blanc - Louisiana Exclusive

30 miles north of New Orleans, Abita Brewing Company has become a huge brewing facility for Louisiana beers. For the 300th anniversary of New Orleans, Abita has created the Abita Maison Blanc, a tricentennial tribute to the diverse history and culture of the city. It combines Sauvignon blanc grapes with malted barley and wheat, resulting in a light, crisp, and dry Louisiana exclusive drink. Find it where you find beers around the city!

Tricentennial Vieux Carré Tribute at SoBou

The Vieux Carré, invented at the stunning Monteleone, is a cocktail you’ll find at most New Orleans bars. But you won’t find SoBou’s tricentennial update to the classic drink just anywhere. Laura Belluci, the bar chef at SoBou, described the drink as a metaphor for the mixing of cultures in New Orleans. The cocktail contains Benedictine, Cognac, sweet vermouth, rye, Angostura, and Peychaud’s bitters, infused with grilled satsumas.

300th Anniversary Cocktail Menu at LOA Bar

At the International House Hotel, you’ll find LOA Bar, a romantic craft cocktail lounge with an innovative menu. Alan Water at LOA has curated a 300th Anniversary Cocktail menu to pay homage to the mixture of cultures, rituals, and flavors that exist the Crescent City. Examples of the cocktails on the menu include a Parsley Gin Julep or a Belucci (aperol, LOA’s limoncello, cognac, cucumber, valencia oranges, sparking local kombucha, and Peychaud’s bitters). See the whole menu here.

Specialty Tricentennial Food Items

Sucré’s Tricentennial Chocolate Collection

The famous New Orleans sweets shop has chosen the Meuniere Chocolate as its official Tricentennial chocolate - it’s a Swiss white chocolate ganache with brown butter and sea salt. On it you’ll see a black and gold gilded dark chocolate shell with a Fleur de Lis. Stop by Sucré to pick up your package of 8-piece chocolate to indulge in on-the-spot or take home for envious friends.

Desire’s Tricentennial Happy Hour

Right on the historic corner of Bienville and Bourbon streets (coincidentally, at 300 Bourbon Street) is Desire Oyster Bar, where you can celebrate NOLA 300 with a special Tricentennial Happy Hour. $5 house cocktails & wine, $4 import draft, $3 domestic draft, and $1 oyster and meat pies in honor of the city’s Tricentennial.

Local Shopping Deals & Discounts

Shop Local at The Chandlery

During the Tricentennial Anniversary, the. Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery, Conde Nast Traveler’s #1 hotel to stay in New Orleans, will offer $50 shopping credit to hotel guests. Book a stay and get this credit to shop from an array of local vendors in The Chandlery. Book online here.

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