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Great Hall at the Convention Center
Great Hall at the Convention Center

Topi App Timeline | New Orleans

Why use Topi to network in New Orleans?

We no longer offer free credits, discounts or training for use with Topi.

Please reach out to Topi directly for purchasing and assistance using the app. Thank you!

The below timeline provides the key milestones of “what to do and when to do it” regarding promoting the app.

From start of registration to 2 weeks pre-event
  • Add a Topi mention, instructions and download buttons to the event web page and registration page
  • Start training your key team members about the app
2 weeks pre-event- 2 Weeks Before Event
  • Send dedicated Topi email with download instructions 15 days before the event
  • Start your social networks campaign at the same time
  • Print onsite signage and app materials
Last week pre-event- Week Prior to Event
  • Send reminder emails with a Topi mention 7 and 2 days before the event
  • Mention Topi on Twitter and other social networks
  • Remind your partners to promote the event and app
  • Share “app tutorial bullets” with your speakers
Event – onsite- During the Event
  • Organizer to be active in the app (chat, notifications, etc.)
  • Mention Topi at the kick-off of the event (keynote speaker, etc.)
  • Encourage speakers to mention Topi at the start of their presentations
  • Display app signage in visible areas
  • Encourage event staff to mention Topi with attendees
  • Send last reminder email with a Topi mention on the morning of day 1
Post-Event- First Week After Event
  • Add Topi mention to thank you post-event email
  • Use the app as a new communication channel