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Krewe of Krampus - NOLAuf Parade 2018

  • Presented By: Krewe of Krampus
  • Dates: 12/01/2018
  • Location: Streets of Bywater
  • Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Price: Free

Krampus knows when you’ve been naughty. He doesn’t care if you’ve been nice. Look out New Orleans…Krampus is coming to town on December 1, 2018 at 7pm in Bywater.

Come experience the Krewe of Krampus NOLAuf, which is based on an ancient Alpine tradition called Krampusnacht, as it returns to New Orleans again this year. The Krewe of Krampus has grown and will be continuing this yearly parade known as the Krampus NOLAuf. It will be a parade full of horns, fur, bells, baskets, chains, and switches with lots of amazing characters, unique throws (will you get a lump of coal?), and exciting moments.

Our extended 2018 route starts off at the corner of Royal and Lesseps, in Bywater, at Parleaux Beer Lab. The parade will proceed up Royal to Independence making a right turn going up to Burgundy where the Krewe will turn left and head all the way to Piety Street. At that point we will turn left for our final stretch for a dramatic ending at the corner of Royal and Piety. Be sure to stick around Bratz Y’all to enjoy a refreshing beverage and get to hang out with the Krewe. (see our other events for tickets)

Along the route, you will come face to face with Krampus and his army of mischief. Dare to get close and you may be treated to one of the amazing, custom throws that members that will be passing out to onlookers. From bells, ornaments, and Krampus cups to the coveted lumps of coal it will certainly be worth the risk to get a little frightened.

Leading off the parade and setting the stage will be Skinz N Bonez. They are a true New Orleans treat with their signature dancing, chanting, and drumming. There couldn’t be a better way to kick off the parade. They will be followed by the Monsters of Xmas, which is made up of woodland spirits, pagan creatures, and other Christmas demons from cultures around the globe.

After the Monsters pass, you will notice how quiet it gets as the glowing apparitions of the Sisters of Shhh walk by. Don’t let their eerie, frosty beauty fool you into a false sense of security. Be still. Be quiet. Be very quiet. Making noise in the presence of Shhh will surely be your last mistake. Temp the Queen and you may just lose your soul. For these ice goddesses are your warning that Krampus is soon to follow.

Quiet and light is forced away as the bells and growls of Krampus bring darkness and steal the night. This is the moment of truth. Have you been naughty or nice? Will you be visited by Krampus or St. Nicholas?

Just as Krampus passes, Krampusnacht gives way to St. Nicholas Day. Rejoice if you have made it safe to the end of the parade and feast your eyes on the guardian of the gifts. St. Nicholas, accompanied by the Crescent City Fae, brings blessings to all and wishes all a good night.