Faux Real Festival

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  • New Orleans , LA
  • New Orleans , LA

  • New Orleans , LA
  • Dates: November 1, 2017
  • Location: Throguhout New Orleans City (Citywide)

As  an evolution of the New Orleans Fringe Festival,  Faux/Real is a newly thriving arts festival in New Orleans that celebrates the  creative artists of theatre, literature, food, and drink. Every year the  festival curates three weeks of top-tier performances, reading, tastings, and  parties in one of the most thrilling and unique cities on earth.

Running during the month of November,  Faux/Real Fest aims provides one-of-a-kind experiences for a wide, diverse, and  adventurous audience while offering a wonderful resource for theatre artists,  writers, chefs, and mixologists to show off their stuff on a national stage.


Fringe Festival began in New Orleans as a way of  showcasing the new works of previously unproduced playwrights and nurturing  budding writers along on their careers. Fringe Fest billed itself as "the  festival of the wild, weird, fresh, and original."

The concept was actually borrowed from the Edinburgh  Fringe Festival that began in 1947 and allowed writers and performers who were  rejected from the Edinburgh International Festival to have their works staged  elsewhere. Other cities in the U.S. put on similar "fringe" events,  most notably New York and Minneapolis.

In New Orleans over the years the concept has  mushroomed and increased in popularity. Most recently it brought about 40  performing arts groups to the city and nearly 100 separate productions were  staged.

Fringe Fest is now expanded under the bigger umbrella  of Faux/ Real, giving more people the opportunity to perform on the stages of  the Crescent City.

Performing  Arts

Every kind of act you can imagine will take the stage  to perform at this festival. As an evolution of the New Orleans Fringe  Festival, Faux/ Real performers take the stage at theatres, cabarets, outdoor  venues, warehouses, galleries, cafes, bars and other locations.

Performance venues all over the city host space for  various artists to present their work. The main hub of the festival is typically  hosted on St.  Claude Avenue between Elysian Fields Avenue and  Franklin Avenue. Food, the central box office, festival information and more  can be found here.

Other hubs are found in Central City, Mid-City and other neighborhoods throughout New Orleans.

Food  & Drink

Food competitions are all the rage at this festival,  which have previously included cocktail competitions, a hamburger throw-down  and a sausage competition. Dinner clubs, bar takeovers, guest chefs, a Cajun  spice tasting and other events also leave your taste buds wanting more.