Bronner Bros International Beauty Show

New Orleans Welcomes
Bronner Bros!

Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show
March 30-April 1, 2019

Director’s Note:

Get ready for another exciting Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show!  

We want to welcome you to the exciting city of New Orleans!  It is our first time in the cultural masterpiece of music, food, art, festival and soul. From the historic French Quarter to the world famous sites and sounds of Mardi Gras, New Orleans is the perfect place to host our 2019 Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. We look forward to joining the creativity of the beauty industry with the creativity of the culture in the city of New Orleans.

Since New Orleans has so much to offer our show attendees, we packed both evening events into one night featuring a comedy show by the renowned Marlon Wayans and a “Mardi Gras Cut Party” that will blend the festive feel of Mardi Gras with styling demonstrations from some of the best in the industry.  The following night you will be free to explore all the wonders of the city in food and fun. Be sure to check bronnerbros.com to see places we negotiated discounts with for show attendees.

Humbled to be your Host
James Bronner - Show Director


A timeless city with a unique way of life, New Orleans is a journey and a celebration. Steeped in European traditions and Caribbean influences, the Big Easy calls curious minds to sweet sounds and savory aromas fueled by three hundred years of history. From the moment you arrive, New Orleans will beckon your ears, allure your eyes and enchant your heart. Indulge your senses and explore. We invite you to follow the scent of gumbo floating out the kitchen window, foster a path that leads to the sounds of drums and a Blues guitar, create the route that welcomes you to a historic mansion or a hidden courtyard… We believe that our lagniappe – a little something extra – will stay with you, calling you back to discover the mystery behind our magical city. New Orleans is and will always be a picturesque metropolitan, a culturally rich haven and an authentic experience.


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