Ever since New Orleans reopened on May 16, the mayor has stressed the importance of wearing a mask or face covering when it comes to reopening safely. Luckily for locals, wearing a mask isn’t too foreign to our celebratory culture, but if you’re lacking the appropriate gear, there’s no shortage of options for purchasing a face mask in New Orleans. Perhaps you’d like to rep your favorite hot sauce or spice things up with some fringe. In true New Orleans fashion, mask-wearing is not only of high importance when it comes to mitigating the spread of coronavirus – it’s also a fashion statement, a chance to express yourself while keeping others safe, and a way to support small businesses.  

Many places are selling non-medical grade masks these days, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top favorites. Here’s a few of our favorite funky (and practical) masks from local businesses.  

Fringe + Co.  

Sequins, fringe and vibrant prints galore – Fringe + Co. has everything from practical to eccentric one-of-a-kind masks suitable for both children and adults. The pictures speak for themselves. 

Dirty Coast 

For Louisiana pride, check out Dirty Coast’s masks that feature the state seal and unofficial state food (crawfish). For custom masks, check out Dirty Coasts’ latest launch, repeatmasks.com, where on demand designs and custom prints for local businesses can be made.  


For designer face masks as well as sustainable and biodegradable options, check out local boutique Hemline. 

Reunion Shoe Co.

We’re all about supporting businesses who support others, just as Reunion Shoe Co. does by employing people who are transitioning out of homelessness. Support this local shoe company with the purchase of a 100% cotton tie-on mask. 

Bow Shoeshoe

This New Orleans-based company empowers people throughout Lesotho by providing them with a fair wage and marketable skills in exchange for ties. Now, the company has pivoted into making face masks with a sturdy woven cotton known as the South African Shoeshoe.  

Lionheart Prints

Both tie-on and ear loop face masks are available at Lionheart Prints, which includes streetcar, hot sauce and floral prints.

Ellen MacComber

Brocades and sequins are the way to go when purchasing a face mask from Ellen MacComber. Some even come equipped with straw holes for drinking – we’d recommend using that one at home.


For your standard face masks made with old-school fabric, check out Glitterati. Solid colors are available, plus prints like frosted animal cookies, flamingos, and mermaids.  

For even more options, check out the city’s Sew Dat program here. If you’re in need of a free mask, check out our community resource page here