There’s a lot to celebrate in July, and a lot of those celebrations include some fairly solid excuses for eating some pretty spectacular food. Sure, we kick the month off with July 4th (see our guide to the best barbecue here), but we’re looking beyond that to July 6th-National Fried Chicken Day.

Though there’s speculation about who invented fried chicken – some say Scottish settlers started frying the yard bird while others credit enslaved Africans – at least we know the following statements to be true: fried chicken originated in the South, and it is delicious. While most New Orleanians will say Popeyes is dear to their hearts (yes, this fast-food chain tastes better in Louisiana), there are also a few other local places we love. You can’t really talk about fried chicken in New Orleans without talking about Willie Mae’s Scotch House. Often referred to as some of the best fried chicken in the country, this James Beard Award-winning Treme restaurant is a must-do for any fried chicken aficionado. Or head over to Morrow’s to try out another local fave in a sleek space along St. Claude Avenue.  See the rest of our top picks for fried chicken here

New Orleans has some strong ties to France, so it’s no surprise that Bastille Day celebrations have popped up around the city. So come the 14th, we’ll be seeking out French fare, including classics like moules frites, escargot, and créme brûlée at Café Degas, Crepe Nanou, and N7. Each has its own way of making you feel like you’ve landed in a Parisian brasserie (or, in the case of N7, a courtyard in the French countryside) without having to worry whether your passport is up to date. Looking for more? Check out our guide to the best French restaurants here. Viva la France, indeed.

July 17th marks National Ice Cream Day, and there’s honestly no better way to cool off than with a few scoops at a locally owned ice cream parlor. We’re partial to Creole Creamery (where you can find flavors like lavender honey and Creole cream cheese, among other classics), or Piccola Gelateria, located just off Magazine Street. See more top picks here

And finally, we end the month with Tales of the Cocktail – the annual meeting of all things boozy. To keep up with the crowd, we’re planning dinners at restaurants known for their elevated drink lists, including Jewel of the South, Bar Brine, and Elysian Bar. Cheers!

Where to Eat in New Orleans in July

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Where to Eat in New Orleans in July