The Confrérie du Sabre d'Or [Brotherhood of the Golden Saber] is coming to town, with all the colorful ceremony you'd expect from an organization devoted to making Champagne drinking even more fun and festive than it already is when imbibing. 
On the morning of Tuesday, January 30, at 11 am, General Manager of Brennan's, Christian Pendleton, will lead the officials of the growing international brotherhood which will declare Brennan's, its newest official caveau [cellar], where the dramatic tradition of opening bottles with one swift stroke of a saber is upheld by certified servers. Only recently gaining prominence in the United States, sabrage was developed by Napoleon's Imperial Guard over two centuries ago, when the exigencies of the battlefield meant dispensing with certain niceties of wine service. Today, the practice adds a swashbuckling layer of drama and mystique to the wine synonymous with glamour.
With nearly 100 Champagnes and sparkling wines in its cellars, Brennan's, the self-proclaimed "Champagne House of the South," is always ready to pour the bubbly.  Its weekday Bubbles at Brennan's happy hours culminate every Friday in a ceremonial sabering by certified sabreurs Pendleton and Wine Director Braithe Tidwell.  At the January 30 event, additional members of Brennan's staff will be trained by the visiting Master Sabreur, and registered journalists are invited to join them in learning the astonishing skill in the restaurant's fabled courtyard, where corks have room to fly. 
A votre santé!  and -- Heads up!

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