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Jackson Square
Jackson Square

About New Orleans & Company

The former New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau (NOCVB) has rebranded and is now officially known as New Orleans & Company – a name that better reflects the work that we do and the people we serve.

At the core of our rebranding is this belief – New Orleans’ culture is its greatest strength, and it is the people of New Orleans who create that culture. We intend to focus on ensuring that the tourism industry benefits all residents of New Orleans, as it continues to benefit our members and our visitors, to nourish and sustain the culture of our city which makes New Orleans a world-class travel destination and the world’s greatest place to live, for those of us lucky enough to call it home.

New Orleans & Company Logo

Our new name embodies the inclusiveness we value, with “Company” representing our many members and partners, the more than 89,000* employees directly employed in tourism in New Orleans, the culture-bearers who shape and carry on our traditions, and, of course, the visitors we welcome as our guests.

Our goal is to cultivate and maintain what we call a “virtuous cycle” between the businesses and attractions that make up the tourism industry, the visitors who invest in those business and attractions, and the city’s residents who benefit from tourism. As our promotion of the city continues and the city’s offerings evolve, we will continue to support New Orleans’ culture by providing more career opportunities than any other industry in the region and by generating revenues to fuel a vibrant economy in which all residents can find a path to prosperity.

The future is bright for New Orleans tourism and our city! Here, at New Orleans & Company, we look forward to even more growth in visitation and visitor spending in the future, and in return, adding even more jobs and tax revenues to our city's economy and nourishing and sustaining our city’s culture for generations to come.

*based on figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Looking for a career with New Orleans & Company? Click below to view available job positions, including internships and registrar openings, as well as full-time positions.

New Orleans & Company | Why Tourism Matters

New Orleans & Company - Tourism Matters
New Orleans & Company - Tourism Matters