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Cemetery & Voodoo Tours — book yours today! For the record, the travel experts at NewOrleans.com did not resort to using a gris-gris or any other hoodoo to find the very best Voodoo and Cemetery Tours in New Orleans. We did it the old fashioned way: we sent real, undead zombies to do the research for us! Okay, we’re kidding. But the great rates on NewOrleans.com for New Orleans Cemetery and Voodoo Tours are no joke. Book your New Orleans Cemetery or Voodoo Tour today. Cemetery and Voodoo Tours starting at $20 through the great tour rates offered on NewOrleans.com.

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  • French Quarter Voodoo Tour

    French Quarter Voodoo Tour

    Book your tour and come explore the dark and mystical world of New Orleans voodoo on this walking tour covering the city’s storied voodoo history and sites.

  • New Orleans Cemetery History Walking Tour

    New Orleans Cemetery History Walking Tour

    Book this daytime tour to hear the story of voodoo queen Marie Laveau and other haunting New Orleans history while you wander St. Louis Cemetery #1, one of the famous “cities of the dead.”

  • City and Cemetery Tour

    City and Cemetery Tour

    Get the best of both worlds – living and dead – when you book the City and Cemetery Tour, an intimate drive through one of the city's landmark cemeteries, the historic French Quarter and more.

  • Cemetery & Gris-Gris Walking Tour

    Cemetery & Gris-Gris Walking Tour

    Book the Cemetery & Gris Gris Walking Tour of St. Louis Cemetery #1 and visit the graves and history of New Orleans famous (and infamous) residents, including the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.