Broussard’s Restaurant

Broussard’s Restaurant

Broussard’s opened in 1920 when chef Joseph Broussard and his new wife Rosalie Borrello moved into the bride’s family mansion and carved a restaurant out of the property. The couple lived in an apartment above the restaurant and created an elegant French Creole haven in the 19th century mansion where New Orleans’ elite dined in discretion. According to restaurant lore, moneyed men took their wives and families to old-line restaurants like Antoine’s and Arnaud’s, but went to Broussard’s accompanied by mistresses. This may explain why the 90-year-old French Quarter gem is one of New Orleans’ best-kept secrets — a restaurant often overlooked by visitors, but dear to generations of locals.

Today, another couple owns the restaurant and carries on the restaurant’s legacy. Chef Geunter Preuss and his wife Evelyn Preuss preside over the formal dining rooms and kitchen at Broussard’s. Marrying classic French cooking and Preuss German roots with indigenous local ingredients, the menu is a fine example of New Orleans Creole cuisine. House-made charcuterie, an abundance of crab, oysters and other local seafood and game dominate the menu. The restaurant’s fragrant and lush cobblestone courtyard is the stuff of fairytale New Orleans — rustic and charming, and surrounded in architectural reminders of the French Quarter’s history.

Restaurant Details

French Quarter courtyard dining doesn't get any better than Broussard's, where couples canoodle and locals convene over chef/owner Gunter Preuss hearty menu touched by French and German influences.

  • Cusine: Creole French
  • Price: $$
  • Attire: Dressy
  • Location: French Quarter
  • Family Friendly: No
  • Outdoor Seating: No

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